Saturday may not be convenient But it is commanded.

There is no denying that trying to observe the Sabbath on the seventh day of the week is very challenging in our day. Saturday is widely accepted by the world as a day of business and entertainment. Banks open, courts hold session, the roads are busy with traffic and business generally goes on as usual. It’s tough to drive to church during Saturday rush hour. It’s hard to ignore all the tempting street joints and restaurants when you are hungry. It’s hard to ignore that business luncheon, company barbecue, that marathon, the temptation to go to church on Sunday instead… it’s hard and inconvenient.

But it is commanded. If your father asks you to get him his blue shirt from the closet, you wouldn’t bring him the red one even if you preferred it. God has asked for the seventh day and no other. He has given us the other six days to work for ourselves, and the seventh day to rest in Him. That’s just how it is. Choose you this day whom you will serve.


Good works are the true adornment

1 Tim 2:9

I was recently intrigued to see a necklace made form ostrich egg shells. It was beautiful. Jewelry and adornment are supposed to enhance external appearance. But God is more concerned with how we look inside.

Consider reading this: The law cannot save,but the save cannot be lawlessness 

Gold, silver, pearls, fur coats and diamonds sit on our shoulders, hand on our ears and cling to our fingers, but meekness and gentleness spring from the heart and are the inner adornment we should acquire. If we’d like anything for the outside to make us look pretty, let it be our good works, Paul encourages (1 Timothy 2:10). His counsel to women is good for us all.



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    Thus a great and powerful message

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      God bless you.

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