Interview With Pastor Andrews L. Ewoo



Editor: Can you please tell us a little about yourself?

PS EWOO: I was born in a village in the Western Region of Ghana. Born in a poor home, I was the fifth child of my parents. I grew up like a wild Olive tree, because my father did not care so much about me. My father had the mentality of taking care of his nephews and nieces instead of his children. But my mother loved me and trained me.

Editor: How about your school days? (Elementary through university)

PS EWOO: I did not want to go to school in the first place. I was however compelled to go because Dr. Kwame Nkrumah (Then President of Ghana) had made a law that compelled everyone to go to school. I started schooling at the Seventh – day Adventist Primary School in my village. Through the encouragement of one of my teachers, Mr. Dougan, I passed my Common Entrance examinations and won a scholarship to Kwame Nkrumah Secondary School. I had weak passes and therefore could not go to 6th form, so I went to Shama as a Pupil Teacher. Later I went to Asokore Teacher Training College where I resat my O-level and A-level examinations and passed. In 1980 I went to the University of Ghana, Legon to study Religion. Whilst pastoring, I was given an appointment to teach Old and New Testament at Valley View University.

Editor: How did you become a Pastor and can you share your experience with us?

PS EWOO: While I was in Shama as a pupil teacher, my immediate senior brother invited me to a Seventh-day Adventist church camp meeting. I was reluctant to go but when I finally did, I asked God for a sign. Since it was dark, I challenged Him (GOD) to give us a big star to lead us to the place. God provided the star and this act startled and well as frightened me. This happened on Thursday. Very early (4am) on the Sunday morning during the devotion, I saw a light flash and that was it, I was gone. I don`t know what happened next but I woke up to find myself surrounded by about 12 Pastors who were praying for me. I got hold of the microphone from one of the Pastors and began to preach. When I got to Shama my landlord`s daughter was dying of measles. A voice told me to go and get the baby. I stretched myself over the little girl and asked the Lord to give me a proof that he has accepted me. The girl sneezed and requested for food. God brought her to life.

During my baptism I had a strange feeling in the water. The feeling was very different. When I came out of the water a white man from Sweden called Christonson told them that a clear voice came to him and said, “ I have chosen this boy” when I dropped into the water. He asked me if I wanted to be a Pastor and I responded in the affirmative. He took me to the headquarters where I applied to be a Pastor and was employed six months later.

Editor: Had GNAAS been established when you were in school?

PS EWOO: When I was in the University of Ghana, GNAAS was kind of growing up. It was really spearheaded and championed by two men. They moved from school to school to organize, establish as well as encourage students to join the association. I was the President of the University of Ghana fellowship.

Editor: Do you think GNAAS is still on course?

PS EWOO: I am very happy to see what GNAAS is doing. During our time, GNAAS members were few. But now I get excited when I see the members in the various institutions. The aim of GNAAS should be to prepare people for leadership in the church and the country. The members should encourage one another and work together.

Editor: What is your counsel for GNAAS?

PS EWOO: I want to advice each one to search for God individually and have a personal relationship with Him. Humility and dependence on God should be the way that all GNAAS members should seek for. God will do what he has done for me to any student who listens to His voice. Spend time with God, know who He is and do His will: this is the highway to greatness. I wish all GNAAS members prosperity and it`s my dream that we will all meet Jesus someday. God bless you all.



  • Eld Paul Nartey
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    Dear administrator,
    I would be grateful if you could alert me anytime Dr. Ewoo arrives in Ghana. A church was formed out of his crusade back in 2012 at Tema, and now there are serious issues which needs interventions from him. My Mob No. 0556128640. I would like to have his personal number as well and possibly meet him. Thank you and God bless you.

    Elder Nartey.

  • Charity
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    I need prayers urgently to join my husband who is in the USA.

  • Message *Hello Pastor Ewoo, ,We thank the Almighty God for using your wonderful Ministry to change ,Bless & change & bring many life’s into Glory. I’ have been watching & following all his Beautiful, Powerful weekly TV programs, which are moving Soul & transforming Life’s (The_Truths) about the Living _Word Of God , had always admire the simplicity of his teaches of the Gospel. May God richly Bless his Ministry & his lovely family. Amen & Amen!.This my fion number 0504630770 ,I will’ be very grateful, if Pastor Ewoo , would like to contact or I’ will be able to speak with someone from his office to book an appointment for a meeting with Dr A ,L, Ewoo. Hope this my humble request will meet your usual considerations & appeal soon. Thank U. Yours faithfully, Evangelist, R J.F. Sackey.Tema ,Prampram ,

  • Gweth Moïse jean jodel
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    Good morning Man of God….Je suis un camerounais Adventiste du septième jour communauté de ndogbong je désire ardemment vous rencontrer….J’ai une grande attirance pour l’œuvre de Dieu mais je ne trouve aucune voix pour véritablement servir et vivre de ce service….Je veux grandir dans la foi et pouvoir aider les autres dans leurs difficultés…S’il vous plaît selon ce que le Seigneur vous dira de moi aider moi….Good day.

    • Admin
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      Prenez votre Bible au sérieux, priez Dieu tout le temps, soyez honnête avec votre âme et les gens qui vous entourent.
      La meilleure façon d’être un serviteur du Très-Haut est d’aimer, de prendre soin et de donner aux nécessiteux lorsque vous en avez en abondance. avec cela, Dieu vous bénira.

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