Christ’s Return Will not be reported

There are a few things in the Bible that will be so commonly known that no one will have to inform another person of them. One of them is the law of God, after it has been fully fulfilled in the lives of His people and written in their hearts (Hebrews 8:11). Another is the second coming of Jesus Christ. Whatever Hollywood films and fictional books and even evangelical Christianity may suggest, Jesus makes it plain that when He comes every eye shall see Him (Revelation 1:7), and that it will be as visible as lightning (Matthew 24:27) and universally observed by both righteous and wicked everywhere (Matthew 24:40).

There will be no need to say to anyone, “Hey, Jesus has returned, I saw Him ten miles from here.” Indeed, Jesus says that if anyone tells you He has returned and is here or there, do not go and do not believe it (Matthew 24:26). You will see him for yourself when He arrives in the clouds with power and great glory (vs. 30). There will be nothing secret about the rapture!


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