Message from the President

To God be praise and glory for another year freely given and the privilege to work in His vineyard. For as His advent lingers, we are obliged to work painstakingly to trumpet the message of grace and salvation to all. We are to live pure, attractive and salvific lives, demonstrating the love of God to all in all our engagements to deliberately draw the attention of men to God.

The Ghana National Association of Adventist Students still remains a formidable students’ movement which is disposed towards proclaiming and demonstrating the truth about God. Graciously, we remain the largest students’ organization within the Adventist church in Ghana. Our activities every year are a prima facie of our desire to raise young God-fearing intellectuals to contribute towards the Gospel Commission and national development.
This year, our attention is drawn to the need for self-examination and self-introspection as Adventists even as we go by the theme “As For Me; Reaching in to reach out”. The theme obliges us to reclaim brethren who are backslidden, falling away, missing and apostatized whiles neglecting not our onus to dying souls outside the fold. And this we shall do along with objectively considering our stand before God. With these activities, we are sure to be revived individually and have our fellowship populated with the missing-but-found members and new converts. We are called to have nothing between us and our God and to be light-bearers to this dark world of sin.
The grace of God be with us all. Amen.

More About Us


  • Develop a unified body of Seventh-day Adventist students with an unsleeping consciousness for spiritual,moral,and academic excellence;and one in which every student is  a missionary.
  • Prepare souls on various campuses for the imminent return of Christ.
  • Help in the spiritual development of Seventh-day Adventist students.
  • Promote fellowship among Seventh-day Adventist students in Ghanaian in situations of learning and beyond.
  • Establish GNAAS branches on institutional campuses where necessary.
  • Effectively fulfill our social responsibilities in the communities.
  • Encourage discipline among members and dedication to the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Association.


Raising young God-fearing intellectuals to contribute towards the Gospel Commission and national development

What is GNAAS?

GNAAS is an acronym for Ghana National Association of Adventist Students.A coalition of Adventist students on secular tertiary and Senior High School campuses


The Adventist student,A builder for Christ


GNAAS Stands for Ghana National association of Adventist Students. In 1980/81, Seventh-day Adventist young people in public universities in Ghana conceived the idea of an association for Adventist students. They wanted to find out whether they could make a difference in the church and in the world by taking seriously the claims of Biblical Adventism. These young people came from different walks of life, a spectrum of socio-economic, ethnic and academic backgrounds. The result is what we have today; GNAAS. The interest for the formation of the association was aroused when there used to be a forum for Adventist Educationist and Intellectuals. The agenda then was to create a common platform where they could meet periodically to plan on how to build a resource base for the Church’s education department and offer professional consultation.

The idea to organize a students’ body was, however not on agenda. It came only as side issue. The issue of students in arose because fellowships on various campuses were not organized as one body. Senior comrades then saw that, without starting from campuses, the task will be daunting. Another pressing issue had to do with the infringement on our right to free worship because Adventists are a minority. Therefore, to be able to fight for a common goal, the need for a unified body of Adventist students was critical.

In 1982, a meeting was held at SDA Teachers Training College, Asokore for the Educationist and Intellectuals. The meeting ended with the formation of GNAAS. The first secretariat was hosted by University of Ghana with the following as executives:.


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