The 36th GNAAS Congress


2017 GNAAS Congress was indeed a life-transforming one with Pastor Randy Skeete.

In line with our theme for the academic year- UnAshamed, GNAAS is extremely blessed to have Sebastien Braxton as our guest speaker for Congress 2018.

Below are a sampled few of some of His many sermons on YouTube

Early Morning To Rise

Time to Die!

Sebastien is perhaps the youngest ever Guest Speaker for GNAAS Congress. Sebastien is a 34-year-old young man trained in Communication Studies and Missions. He is a  former General Vice president of GYC Generation of Youth for Christ | , founder of the R3 Missions- Radical, Resourceful, Restoring Missions |  , a non-profit think tank that seeks to mobilize youth into meaningful service around the world.

He is the former programs director for Campus Ministries in Michigan and Boston respectively and the founder of STRIDE, Student Training & Resource Institute For Disciple Evangelism|

Sebastien is a radical young preacher that seeks to open God’s heart through the scriptures and the Adventist end-time message.

Sebastien is a highly sought-after preacher/speaker across the globe and one of the most watched Adventist young preachers on YouTube. His Spirit-filled sermons come in a very clear accent and  tone,  and with simple and basic language. Although not into Pastoral Ministry, Sebastien wants to challenge Adventist young professionals and students including GNAAS, that irrespective of our professional or academic bearing we can truly be tools in the hands of God to hasten the soon coming of Christ.

NB: Speaker was suggested and approved by the National Executive Council of GNAAS, 2017/18 academic year, He has been contacted and his availability confirmed.

Mr. Clayton Thornton, a Libby Award winner


Healthy Schools. Bale was saluted for his successes in giving Secondary School “a shared vision for student and staff wellness, in large part because of Michael Bale’s dedication and efforts to promote wellness,” according to the provider’s website.

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2018-7-29 8:00 am 2018-8-5 9:00 pm Pacific/Midway The 36th GNAAS Congress KNUST
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