Community Service and Medical Evangelism

As an association we have a responsibility to contribute to the wellbeing of the people in our communities. We have a heavenly obligation in Mat 24:14 to reach the entire world with the gospel message.

Sermons cannot do it all, but by personal labour and personal ministries, we must reach everyone by ministering to their spiritual needs as well as their physical needs

The work of gathering in the needy, the oppressed, the suffering, the destitute, is the very work which every church that believes the truth for this time should long since have been doing. We are to show the tender sympathy of the Samaritan in supplying physical necessities, feeding the hungry, bringing the poor that are cast out to our homes, gathering from God every day grace and strength that will enable us to reach to the very depths of human misery and help those who cannot possibly help themselves. In doing this work we have a favourable opportunity to set forth Christ the crucified One.–Testimonies vol. 6, p. 276.

Our objective is to use this avenue to point the people to the one who can heal both physical and spiritual disease.

Josiah Sarpong,GNAAS President

Medical Screenings 

  •  Fasting Blood Sugar| Random Blood Sugar
  • Hepatitis B Screening
  •  Eye Screening
  •  Body mass index
  •  Hypertension test
  •  Nutritional Consult
  •  Wound dressing

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